Elle Buetow

Elle Buetow

I see things. I capture them. I write.


There are very few things in life that satisfies our pallet, than a view of nature in its element.
California has always been on my bucket list.  I’m not quite sure why I never actually went but I guess I figured it was close enough to go anytime I wanted to so it can wait.  Obviously, I was wrong.
This roadtrip was one of the best ones I’ve taken, and I’ve taken many.
The winding coastal roads around the ridiculously high cliffs that weave in and around the jagged mountains, and the precipice on the other side into the thundering ocean, that constantly roars as if to remind you, its there.  As if we could ever forget.


The California coast is wild and addictive.
Has nobody invented a Transporter yet??

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