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Elle Buetow

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New York, New York!!

So New York… Has anyone really ever gone to the city and said, “ummm.. its boring..”  Nope.  Never.  There is so much visual stimulation and intriguing spaces that capture the imagination.  This is the Oculus.. If you havent been, make sure you go… the arcitecture will keep you in awe… for a long time.

The outside of the Oculus… Looks like a space ship!


I got to go to the top of this building… Here’s a tip, if you are planning to see this, make sure you buy tickets in advance online. There is always a mega lineup outdoors and because its a section full of high rise buildings, the wind tunnel is so strong that you’ll freeze on a warm day, never mind in the winter.
As for whether or not its worth the cost to go up?  Absolutely!!!


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